The Eolles


I need to make more blogs entries showing all my previous miniatures work, so here’s one about the Eolles, a gang for Necromunda i started thinking about with the new edition of the game. It was featured in the 1st issue of the 28 mag alongside some concept drawings i made before starting building the team, and a box i made to transport them.

Here are some pictures i took of them in my box the swamp church.

The last couple of miniatures were made a few years alter when i was joining a necromunda campaign in the GW studio. I wanted to use some old miniatures and tie them with this faction with new ones. I’m still quite happy with those two!

Here’s more of the same on black background.

And here are some recent pictures of the box i made at the same time. You can see a short stop motion video of the opening on my instagram account.

At the time i wrote a few things about their setting in the underhive, i’ll add them just here!

The lore

The Eolles are a sorority of under hive gangers living in the depths of the 26th spire of the hive known by its initials: I.B. 

This spire, half-hanging on a cliff over a giant waste see, is known by the inhabitants of the other spires for the strange events that started to appear after a earthquake that they called the Shiver. Pits of gravity, tears of reality, sound aberrations, the very fabric of reality seems to be eroding. The events are at the worst in the depths, were whole areas were flooded during centuries. Now that the level of the waste see has diminished, strange stories ascend from the belly of the world.

After the disaster, most of the city was deserted, and the main imperial instances left just a few volunteers in a meagre attempt avoid any unnecessary riots from the survivors not fortunate enough to escape.

On their own, these survivors gathered in different communities, each trying their best to survive in their world. Some joined cults venerating some deities from the depths or became corpse eaters, fully accepting the deformities created by the events. Others founded an armed militia and spread their own version of order. 

In a distance, inside the gigantic aeration system of the spire, protected by the huge ventilation blades from a core machinery, the warm and sterilised atmosphere and the dangerous accessibility, a town grew. The Ring, named after the shape of the walls around it, was first created a short time after the Shiver. With the centuries, what was firstly a camp became a full community, gathered around a council of ancient caretakers of the old machineries hidden inside the walls.

Believing that the work of the council was of the first importance, the Eolles swore to protect the town, to hunt any ressources that would be necessary for their sacred work, and fight anyone who threatens to jeopardise the plan.

But recently, the core machinery protecting the town started to fail, and what once was a warm and gentle breeze alternates now between a piercing cold storm and a much more dangerous silence, bringing ideas of terrors.

The Hag

Listen to me. I was there when the Shiver happened. I was already old and wise and knowing, and i tried to warn them, but no one ever listens to me.

So you better listen. I will tell you what happened. 

When i was one of them, i learned that here, so near to the sea, the ground was so unstable that the First People built ancient and sage machines so they could raise the world around them.  Give me a listen for once.

The world grew big, and there were a lot of people in it. Some were poor, and lived in shantytowns near the walls keeping the sea away from the streets. Some were rich, and lived in other places of the world, past the concrete sky. 

Yes, you’re right! The concrete sky is still here. Though if you traveled as much as i did, you would know that in some places, the sky fell with the rest.

Do you want to know what is on the other side of the sky? On the other side of the place the rich people used to live? 

Another sky. Different, but the same. You just have to climb more to reach it, but once you touch it it’s the same concrete.

Of course you don’t believe me, are you even trying to listen to me?

I was a servant of the Gyrochoir, so i know things! It’s just been too long. My memory has been affected by the Shiver like most other machines. But i remember the Seer that told me. I was evaluating the work that would have to be done in the section 32 – or was it the 75th – of the Cable Maze near the Great Wall, when i heard her. She was there since the beginning of the world, plugged in the wall under eons of wires and holy seals. She said to me that the world machines would soon fail. That the world would die. And that THEY will be born from its corpse. 

Who are « THEY »? Oh, you are listening now? Well that’s what i asked her! But when she was beginning to answer, something strange happened. I was a servant of the Gyrochoir, and i was trained to understand things. This, i didn’t. Her face showed a thing most peculiar for such a holy being. She was experimenting emotions. She shut down, and i couldn’t find her memory drive. Too many cables could have bring me to it.

So i went back to the temple, seeking advices from my pairs, telling them about the holy encounter i had been chosen to be a witness of. But they discarded me. They said such things were non computable, and that i would be treated for heresy against the Holy Machine. 

But i’m still here. Most of them died during the Shiver. I found some other during the year following the aftermath. A few of them were looking for penance, for they didn’t believe me. Yes, they are the Council now. You’re a good listener. The other flew to the upper skies, and they call me their enemy when i face them.

I’m glad you chose to listen to me. It’s very wise from you. It just make me more sorry for what i will have to do to you. Maybe inside your own machinery will i find a piece of the memory drive i’ve been looking for all this time. I assure you, this will serve a cause. You were a good listener.

The Ring

What are you looking at kid?

Oh you noticed her? Yeah she’s weird for sure, but don’t be afraid. She often finds herself back here, but she never stays long. The elders tell us that we have nothing to fear. And for now, they are right.

You want to know who she is? Grab me a drink kid, and I’ll tell you.

The ancients of the council tell us that she was the first of them. She gathered the original council, and rumour has it she created the town. Yeah the whole ring is her doing. Not the Ring itself, it has been created along with the world. But everything that took place in it. The town, the streets, the houses, the power towers. 

She started to gather stuff here, when she was alone. The Ring was her responsibility before the Shiver, and because she did a good job, it’s one of the few place in the world that is safe. None of the weird things that happens when you scavenge too far. 

You are from there, you know what i’m talking about. The density of the air changing, shadows acting in an impossible way, sounds echoing backward and such. I heard once of a place where the water falls upward. Crazy right?

It was her job to repair and built stuff as I understand. An ancient machine cult of some sort. Many of the council are from it. So she built a place for her in the only safe place she new, at the center of the Ring. The wind made sure the air was fresh, and if it’s cold, at least it keeps away the danger, and the wind machine makes it hard to get here from another path. One have to built resilient stuff to stay here. 

And she did. And she found survivors, and took care of them. She was built like that. To repair and take care. 

With the time, rumour started to talk about this place. After the Shiver, everyone that survived where looking for one. Fleeing the eaters and the looters, the cults and the rumours of the ancient things waking up in the depths, and the crazy things happening. And the city grew.

Her, she still does that, rescuing and repairing. She knows lost ways. There’s a good chance she built them. 

I heard that she’s trying to fix the damages caused by the Shiver. 

I think she’s mad. 

But after all the madness i went through outside of the Ring, mad like her is the closest thing to beauty i can imagine.

Thank you for passing by, and congrats to the ones who read all that broken english nonsense 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Eolles

  1. Great stuff, so rich and dark! Beautiful minis & backdrop of course, but I really enjoyed the lore too – I love a bit of background writing 👍


      1. I know what you mean – I get a bit bashful about posting my efforts at writing fluff, but I do enjoy the process. Comfortable or not, what you’ve written is really good! 😊👍


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