Gloomspite templars


I made this team of Gloosmpite gitz shortly after joining GW in the summer 2019, a lifetime ago. The game Warcry just came out, and the studio would just start a campaign to which i’ve been kindly invited. I struggle a lot on the social side, and it was a really nice way to get to meet a few of my colleagues in an informal setting, and chat about the miniatures they worked on!

I made these guys thinking about how the old gobbos seemed quite fun and thought it would be nice to have a less serious team for the occasion. The new Gloomspites were also just released when i went at the studio for my interview earlier this year, and it felt fitting to build a few miniatures i saw in the cabinets in the entry hall that meaningful day!

These guys were surprisingly brutal though, the squigs really are small angry spheres full of teeth and bad temper! And an archer turned out a real hero, scoring critical hits every time he had an occasion! I added a scope on his bow to remind me of his talent!

We had a game at Bugman’s with Mr. Blanche! I was super intimidated, and felt super guilty to win the game against his awesome Unmade. It was a super nice moment though, and he asked me to take a few pictures for him. I look at them when i need to remember that my time at GW actually happened and that i was not only in my head for two years. At least as far as i know!

That’s it for now! Thanks a gain for being around and take care!

2 thoughts on “Gloomspite templars

  1. Ah brilliant – I love these gobbos! There’s a really nice dash of Labyrinth to them that I really like, and how cool to play JB!! Two gorgeous warbands on the table is always a joy (whoever wins) 🤘


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